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The Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) Program is designed to prevent environmental contamination that may result from closing industrial facilities. The Ohio law giving Ohio EPA the authority to create rules to regulate this program was effective on July 1, 1996. House Bill 98, passed in November 1994, affects businesses that are required to file a chemical inventory report under the Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-Know Act, with the exception of oil/gas production operations, utilities, and underground storage tanks.

The law (ORC Chapter 3752) and CRO rules which became effective September 30, 1996, require that once a facility stops operating, the owner or the operator notify Ohio EPA, their Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) (MGCLERC), and the local fire department. The owner or operator must secure the site until all extremely hazardous, hazardous, and flammable substances, as well as all petroleum are removed from the property. In addition, they must certify that all regulated substances and any item that is contaminated with a regulated substance have been legally transferred, sold, or removed from the property.

Required CRO inspections are conducted by Ohio EPA Division of Hazardous Waste Management (DHWM) inspectors in the district offices.

Facilities that must file an annual chemical inventory report under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (Chapter 3750 of the Revised Code) and are ceasing all regulated operations are subject to these rules.

These laws DO NOT apply to:


Facilities planning to cease operations are required to do the following:


Within 30 Days

  • Notify Ohio EPA, the MGCLERC, and the local fire department
  • Secure the facility
  • Designate a contact person

Within 90 Days

  • Submit chemical inventory form
  • Submit MSDS for each chemical
  • Remove all regulated substances from the facility
  • Certify removal to the director of the Ohio EPA
  • For a complete set of instructions click here to view Ohio EPA's Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) Manual


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