Montgomery/Greene County

Chemical Inventory Reporting


Facilities are required to:

  • Keep accurate records of the hazardous chemicals they use, store, and make.
  • Provide either, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or a list of the chemicals to the local fire department, MGCLERC, and the SERC.Provide chemical inventory forms to the local fire department, MGCLERC, and the SERC.
  • Report releases of hazardous materials to the local fire department, MGCLERC, and the Ohio EPA.
  • Provide information to the MGCLERC for the development of a community emergency response plan.

Facilities within Greene and Montgomery Counties have been actively involved since the inception of MGCLERC in 1987. Their commitment to public and facility education through MGCLERC has assisted in keeping the number of hazardous materials instances to a minimum. They have also reduced the use of EHS chemicals in the Miami Valley. In addition, a number of facilities have also participated in annual exercises of our plan.

Are you planning on moving, selling, shutting down, or abandoning your facility?

If you report to the MGCLERC, the state's Cessation of Regulated Operations (CRO) probably applies to your facility. See our CRO page for more information.

Chemical Inventory Reporting Information, Requirements and Forms


SERC Reporting Forms


Retail Service Station

Farmers Reporting Form

Extremely Hazardous Substance



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